Community Spring Cleanse 2015

Relax and breathe deeply


Instead of recipes I would like to share some ideas about spring with everybody who will join us for the upcoming event of Collective Spring Cleanse from 4th of May

And also with all those of you  who might just want to know more about spring energies…

The spring cleanse is mostly about enjoing the bursting energies of spring. We don’t really do much, just get in tune with nature – everything is green, flowering, coming into leaf -, we also come alive and embrace the renewal of life. If we can do it joyfully, the best we can do is dance and go with the flow. In this case we should do spring cleanse only if we feel like doing so. 

Others hate spring, because

  1. they have allergy – they suffer from sniffling, sneezing, itchy, often inflamed eyes. They really don’t enjoy spring – which is understandable –, and just want to stay home.
  2. they are tired and don’t want to do anything.
  3. they often have headaches, and generally don’t feel comfortable.
  4. they often get angry  with no reason, and are always irritated.

If you recognise yourself in one of the above descriptions, then it is problably worth considering a spring cleanse. The best is if you start considering  what you could skip from your meals or/and your habits.

It is not right to think that spring cleanse is for everybody. It is not the case and it is especially not true for the Drinking Detox Cures. There is no universal diet for everyone, and so there is no detox which would be good for everybody.

 Drinking Detox is only good for someone with lots of energy, who is  always on the run and can’t stop, often gets angy, his/her face becomes red and always feels warm.

Grain-vegetable diet is good for people who usually eat a lot of meat and bread or pastry, drink a lot of coffee,  and don’t really pay attention to the food they eat. For them it could be useful to skip meat, coffee and alcohol for one or two weeks, and eat lots of vegetables with grains, legumes, seeds and nuts.

The most important we should skip however is stress and hurry. At least for one or two weeks… And go to sleep early, latest at 11 pm.

The most impotant we should do is go out to the forest, and breathe in fresh air deeply. Get in tune with the bursting energy of spring!

If you feel tired all the time, please don’t do a drinking detox. But

  • eat lots of vegetables cooked or steamd with cooked grains, legumes, seeds and nuts.
  • skip sugar, salt, gluten, milk, alkohol, junk foods (chips, French fries and Co.)
  • don’t eat too much, espetially in the evening
  • don't eat uncooked food, only as a side dish - green salads max. 15% of your food
  • don’t drink cold drinks (not even water)
  • don't smoke
  • drink less coffee, max. 1 per day
  • eat less meat, max. once a day, in the morning or for lunch as a soup
  • could eat some fish, especially if usually don't

From now on I will share some ideas a recipes with you every day to make your Spring Cleanse more enjoyable.


So stay tuned and go for a walk!