Teatime: mint-mate, fresh nettle and the others…

Community Spring Cleanse 2015.

I have a friend who introduced me to the mint-mate combination. I really enjoy it when I visit her, and lately I also make it at home. I have to thank her for that, but also for the proofreading of the English texts. She is the one behind the right versions of all the English posts.

Mint-mate Tea

Pour 500 ml hot water over 1 tbsp. mate and 2-3 twigs of fresh mint (or 1 tbsp. dried mint), cover it, and leave it sit for 10 minutes. Strain it and drink it warm.

Why and when to drink mint-mate tea?: If you tend to have headaches, then it could help. It cools down the head directing the energy downwards. It refreshes, gingers up, so you could even drink it instead of coffee.

Nettle Tea is pure refreshment if you make it with fresh nettle. It is so much more flavourful and tasty than the dried version. Just like green tea with flowery and delicate aromas. You could never imagine without trying it.

Why and when to drink nettle tea?: Nettle tea has a strong cleansing and diuretic effect on the body. It is very good to do a cleanse cure with nettle tea in the springtime. For that you should drink 2 cups of nettle tea every day for 2 weeks.

Fresh Nettle Tea

Collect some fresh nettle somewhere in the woods: you should take the upper 3-4 leaves. If you use a plastic bag to pick it, it won’t pinch.

To make the tea: Pour 200 ml hot water over 2-3 nettles twigs. Cover it, and leave it sit for 2-3 minutes. Strain it and enjoy.

Tip: Don’t throw away the nettle leaves after) straining your tea. You can use it as a vegetable just like spinach.