Watermelon with Goat Cheese and Basil

A refreshing, short summer recipe


In the hot days of summer there is nothing better than a few pieces of watermelon. You can also eat it instead of having a glass of water. It is sometimes much better to eat some fruit if you are really thirsty in the summertime than to drink a glass of water. It is because fruits are not only good for appeasing your thirst but they are capable of restoring your body fluids as well. Watermelon is strongly cooling, so it is a good choice against summer heat. Its strong diuretic character can surely be felt if we eat a bigger amount.

Since it affects the body with a strong quality of coolness, you have to be on the watch out! If you often have diarrhea, your digestion is weak or you feel cold a lot, you have to be aware of its cooling effect. Watermelon is strongly cooling for everyone, so make sure you don’t eat it cold as you take it from the fridge!

You can make a salad with watermelon and a few other ingredients which can compensate its strong effect.  Here is one example where the strong cooling character of watermelon is equalized with goat cheese and basil, but you can experiment with it as you try.

The only thing about this salad is that you have to choose the best quality ingredients you can. Watermelon is no problem these days, so you only have to find good native olive oil and your favourite goat cheese to go with it. And don’t forget the salt… It sounds funny, but it makes the salad round.


Watermelon with Goat Cheese and Basil

Serves 2

  • watermelon (Earth)
  • goat cheese (Fire)
  • native olive oil (Earth)
  • some maldon sea salt (Water)
  • basil (I like it with purple basil even more than with the regular green)
  1. Cut the melon and the goat cheese into bite-size chunks.
  2. Arrange the watermelon and the cheese on a plate, pour some olive oil on the top, and sprinkle with maldon salt and some basil.
  3. Enjoy immediately or take it with you to the beach or to a garden party. Make sure everybody tries it!