Autumn Diet to Stabilize Health for the Cold Months

Together Against the Cold

For the next few weeks we have decided to talk about getting ready for autumn and winter cold. Every few days, we will post tricks and tips, recipes and ingredients which can help you to boost and stabilize your health for the upcoming colder months. We will get ready for the cold days with a special diet which includes grains and veggies, nuts, legumes and mushrooms. We will cook a special herb stock and clarified butter, and you will even have the chance to get together and learn about a special autumn diet in a workshop…

In the beginning of autumn it is a good thing to sit down in a quiet place and take some deep breath. Contemplate: How am I? Am I prepared for the dark side of the year? Am I strong enough to be happy and to be my own sunshine in cold and rain? Can I feel comfortable regardless of the weather? It can take some effort, and we would like to help you with it: We have prepared a special diet for 2 weeks with ingredients, recipes and all the tricks which can make your life easier during the colder months.

Either way – if you just want to make seasonal food or would like to join our special Autumn Diet – you will find here recipes, tips, herbs and ingredients which are good to use frequently in the autumn diet. If you choose to join our special diet, we will start the program together on 27 October. Before that you will get all the information to get ready and will have a chance to learn about all this in a workshop next Saturday (24 October).

In which cases should you do the special Autumn Diet?

-       If you are not comfortable with the cold and rainy days

-       If you frequently catch a cold or get ill during autumn and winter

-       If you cough a lot

-       If you are tired, exhausted and do not feel like doing anything many times

-       If you have allergy in spring, summer or autumn

If you recognize yourself in one or more of these descriptions, it could help you to join our Detox Program, which starts on 27 October – organized by Five Elements Food and Collective Plant. To get prepared, you will find all the information here and at the Collective Plant website in the next 2 weeks. You can also join our facebook events if you don’t want to miss anything.

What to expect?

-       detailed information about the Autumn Diet

-       Detox Kit from Collective Plant

-       Autumn Detox fanzine from Collective Plant

-       Cooking Class: “Heat up Against Cold: Warm Breakfasts” on 24 October in Szatyorbolt

-       Autumn Special Diet Workshop 24 October in Szatyorbolt

-       Recipes, tips and tricks before and during the program